Public Perception and the Weaponization of Shame

2020 Womxn’s March in Denver | photo by Jennifer Koskinen

If we can agree that a COMMON GOAL on both sides of the debate around choice is to REDUCE THE NUMBER OF ABORTIONS, there are two different strategies to accomplish this:

In the spirit of understanding, let’s look at some RAW DATA, shall we?

Number of years the average woman spends using contraceptive measures in family planning: 30.


It’s simple math: if you have sex, EVER, there is a measurable, very real probability of an unintended pregnancy.

We need to think rationally if the goal is the continued reduction of the abortion rate without resorting to government FORCED PREGNANCY.

Ultimately, women bear 100% of the physical and emotional burden, and often as well the bulk of the legal and financial burden when there’s an unintended pregnancy.

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