FACTS for a Post-Roe World…

…in which probability, geography & luck will be part of the strategy

Jennifer M Koskinen
4 min readJun 29, 2022
source: Guttmacher via AP

Notwithstanding the fact that hundreds of millions of us have been relegated to status as livestock — no longer in control of our own reproductive choices and here primarily to replenish the “dwindling supply of domestic infants” — I’d like to focus on the unplanned pregnancy piece of this puzzle which has been little discussed in the past week.

Republicans are already strategizing to go after birth-control and sex-education next. So, now is the time to — in the words of Mark Watney (The Martian) — science the shit out of this.

So let’s look at some RAW DATA, shall we?

As I discussed in an earlier article, if you were to guess the percentage of pregnancies that are terminated in the United States, you’d probably guess a low number, right? My guess was less than 1%.

My guess was oh so very, VERY WRONG.

The number of pregnancies that are terminated hovers around 19%.

Yes, you read that right, nineteen. That’s nearly one in five.

And believe it or not, these numbers are historically low.